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Audition for Puck


Character wanted: Noah Puckerman

Description of the character’s post high-school plans and feelings about it: (I’ve been following the role play for a while now, before the last Puck quit so, I have an idea that Puck has been a fireman and is out of work right now, because of an accident, right? Do I need to still submit a description here?)

Sample writing(para): Quinn felt like she was on cloud 9 since returning to Lima and reuniting with Puck. She honestly hadn’t seen them getting together since she came to Lima with who she thought was the perfect boyfriend. Biff was supposed to be the guy that would get her to the top at Yale. It was clear that he wasn’t the right guy for her as she brought him home to LIma and he couldn’t accept her past. While she hadn’t gone back home to get back together with Puck, she couldn’t help but think that it just felt right being with him again. She wasn’t pregnant, and he wasn’t with her just because she was having his baby. The only thing that worried her was that he would lose interest with her as they would have to do a long distance relationship when she went back to Yale and he had to go back to the air force. She didn’t want to think about him leaving, and instead decided to just think about what the now and spending the final moments with him that she could before they had to go their separate ways. She waited in her room for him, hoping her mother wouldn’t give him a hard time when he came over.
After all that happened to Finn and seeing how much Rachel was suffering for having lost the love of her life, her soulmate, Puck had been thinking a lot about Quinn and how much he wished they’d been together, that they had worked as couple. When he saw her walk those hallways with that Yale nerd, he got really jealous and he knew that he’d fight for her again and thankfully it worked out and he was now in his truck, on his way to her house and nothing felt better. He didn’t want to think about the time when they would need to part ways, he just wanted to enjoy the moment. When he made it to her house, he opened the door, since she said he should just come in and was glad when he didn’t see her mom there. He went up to her room and knocked on the door, coming in. “Is my girlfriend here?” He asked, closing the door behind him and smiling.

Time zone: US EST TIME

Desired ship: QUICK

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I am so sorry for leaving you guys. I have been in the hospital for a while now due to complications of my surgery. I really love you guys and miss you all. They said I am doing better so hopefully I can get out soon and rp with you guys <3

Focus on getting better honey and return when you can! We’re sending all the love we can your way, though! <333

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If ya’ll want to continue the game from earlier. The password is still: comewhatmay.

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New game! Password: “comewhatmay”.


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I’m thinking about starting a CAH game if ya’ll are up to it~


So I was kicked out and separated from you all so here’s a new link. Password is still: comewhatmay 

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I’m thinking about starting a CAH game if ya’ll are up to it~


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#mod post  
Admin is on and slots are open!

We’ve got plenty of characters open if you want to take a look! Just a few of the open characters are:

  • Artie Abrams
  • Rory Flanagan
  • Sugar Motta
  • Mike Chang
  • Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Ryder Lynn
  • Unique Adams
  • Elliott Gilbert
  • Brody Weston
  • Adam Crawford


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ooc: >:( r00d

//it’s the online game so brittany can play too. :)

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We’re going to have an IN CHARACTER, roleplay wide GAME NIGHT! Normal shenanigans will ensue and everyone is invited! We’re planning on a roleplay wide game of CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.

  • Involved  Everyone who wants to go
  • Location  To Be Announced 
  • Time Frame  Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, April 4th-6th (Unless otherwise stated.)
  • Theme  Casual~

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