Anonymous inquired:

Hey! It's the Sebastian roleplayer. I'm almost done with Sebastian's account, but I had one question. At the end of the description, what kind of disclaimer should I put?

A lot of our group just puts “Just a RP not related to FOX or Ryan Murphy” or something along those lines. I don’t know if people do that much anymore but when I started rp-ing three years ago almost everyone had it on their blogs. 

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The role of Santana Lopez is reopened.

I’ll make a proper post later about it but it you happen to be a Brittana loving Santana roleplayer we would love to have you!

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slopezinnyc inquired:

i hate to do this because this rp has been lovely to me and ive loved my interactions here but unfortunately for personal reasons i'm going to have to drop santana. thanks to all of you for being so sweet and welcoming and best of luck in the future :)

Alright, honey. :( 

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sarah62008 inquired:

Are you still looking for a Sebastian? I've never done an RP on Tumblr but I'm willing to give it a shot if you guys are okay with a newbie.

We’re waiting for our Sebastian to send in their account, actually. We’re totally up for newbies if you have another character you might be interested in playing! We’d love to have you! 

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The setting is three, going on four, years after the original gleeks’ graduations. The former students are moving on with their lives and choosing various paths for themselves. They have one thing in common, though; they’ve all wound up in New York City. 

(If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.)

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Anonymous inquired:

Former Santana checking in. I love and miss you all. Hoping San's entire back story I built for her in thrown away. xoxox-V

We love and miss you too, honey! :( 

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Hi... I'm on vacation until the 24th so my activity will be a bit off... I'll log in when I can... Just wanted to let everyone know. :)

Alrighty, sweetie! 

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Sebastian that sent in your audition a couple days ago, are you still around, hun? 

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Hello this is the account!

Everyone follow Killian!

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Character Name: Killian O’Conner
Age: 26
Back-story: Killian is a piano teacher at Julliard university. Being extremely talented, he attended the school when he was younger and loved it so much he decided to teach there himself. Born and raised in New York City, Killian lives alone in his New York apartment.
What school did they go to?: Bronx Academy High School
How do they know the canon characters?: Killian was in charge of a rival glee club before he decided to work solely on his piano teachings.
Description of the character’s post high-school plans and feelings about it: Although he loves piano, Killian truly wanted to be a journalist but never really went along with it. Instead, he decided to do something he was good at.
Sample writing(para): “You’ve got to be kidding me mate” Killian rolled his eyes and looked back at Jackson holding the cast to his broken arm. “I..I mean..It..” Jackson seemed as though he was getting smaller and smaller by the second. “Let me guess, you wanted to impress your lady and then it lead to this” he pointed to the oversized cast in a sling around his lead singers arm. “Do you even know who we’re up against mate? We’re up against the best of the best and you come up here with this?” Jackson looked around towards his classmates for some help but it seemed like he was alone on this one. “I’m sorry” he nearly whispered. Killian rolled his eyes again and looked around the room. He couldn’t believe it, a week before regionals and his best singer couldn’t do it. “You, tiny” he called from across the stage towards what had to be the smallest girl in the squad. Shyly, the girl walked up to him, her cheeks burning a deep shade of red. “Can you sing the lead?” He asked looking back from the lead who at this point puffed out his chest defensively to this small girl. “I-I can..In a higher key” Killian nodded and put her center stage, “Let’s run it again, everyone around…I’m sorry love what was your name?” Killian of course was only brought in to get this glee club going in order to hand it over to the next leader. “Anna” the small girl almost whispered. the minute the song started it was as though she grew 10 sizes bigger in stage pressence. Killian could feel the pride swelling in his chest for this little rag-tag team. “Sorry mate, but I believe I just found your replacement.”
Time zone: EST
Desired ship: Any
Face claim: Colin O’Donoghue

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